Investment and Superannuation Advice

We provide assistance and advice in investment universe, both outside and inside superannuation (including SMSF if it is of benefit to you).

We can help with:

  • Identifying objectives of investment
  • Building an investing strategy
  • Growing an equity fund portfolio
  • Developing a property investment portfolio

We have access to major providers of investment funds and trading platforms, including member owned superannuation funds, WRAPs (superannuation and non-superannuation solutions) and individual funds within our licenced approved product lists (APL). We only work with well known and funds recommended by well known ratings agencies.

We help find solutions for:

  • Salary or employed persons (what we deem as PAYG)
  • Self employed perons
  • Expatriates
  • High Net Worth clients

Focussed on your CORE Wealth, prepare for a bright future.

We focus on what we can control and manage so that you have a fuss free and comfortable future.